A Tapestry of Unique Expertise and Visionary Leadership

At Leadership Canvas, we are more than a leadership consultancy; we are a melting pot of diverse experiences and expertise, each adding depth and color to the tapestry of our mission. Our team's unique backgrounds, from military insights to academic excellence and body language expertise, intertwine to create a holistic approach to leadership and organizational development.

This rich amalgamation of experiences ensures that we bring a comprehensive, multi-dimensional perspective to every challenge.

 This makes us an ideal partner for companies seeking to navigate the complexities of modern leadership with agility, inclusivity, and strategic foresight. 


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Jay is an award-winning speaker and consultant renowned for his extensive expertise spanning more than 25 years in constructing, cultivating, and guiding exceptional and inclusive organizations. Jay captivates his listeners by harnessing the compelling force of storytelling and proven methodologies, drawing from his wealth of real-life encounters.

His background as a former US Army Intelligence Officer, with numerous international assignments and as a corporate executive, has given him a deep understanding of behavioral science, team dynamics, the power of diverse and inclusive organizational culture, and the principles of transformational leadership. Jay's C.L.E.A.R.™ methodology, which he integrates into his talks, centers on developing organizational culture, empowering leadership, and fostering employee engagement to boost performance and achieve better results. This methodology ensures organizations thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.


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Paige Fickbohm is an award-winning educator and leadership expert at Leadership Canvas, bringing a rich blend of academic prowess and practical insight. With her Doctorate in Educational Leadership in progress, Paige exemplifies a commitment to deep understanding and continuous learning, essential in today's evolving leadership landscape.

At Leadership Canvas, Paige excels in analyzing organizational data and uncovering the root causes of complex issues. Her academic rigor and analytical skills enable her to craft action plans that are both theoretically sound and practically relevant, making her an invaluable asset to any organization.

More than just a consultant, Paige equips clients with holistic strategies that blend academic knowledge with real-world application. Known for her ability to connect with people, she makes complex concepts accessible and relatable, fostering an inclusive learning environment where every participant feels valued.


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Terry's journey to becoming a renowned body language and personal safety expert began in his challenging childhood, marked by a violent father. This early adversity laid the foundation for his exceptional skill in interpreting nonverbal cues, a talent further honed during his service with the British Royal Marines Commando. There, he received specialized training in Body Language and Human Behavior, uncovering his natural aptitude for understanding human interactions.

Post-military, Terry deepened his expertise in body language, acquiring certifications in The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation, Statement Analysis, Facial Profiling, and excelling in Paul Ekman's METT Micro Facial Expressions Training Tool. His passion for the subject translated into a career of teaching combatives and conducting highly regarded workshops like D.I.R.T. Dangerous Individual Recognition Training® and Mastering Body Language for Leaders. His workshops are celebrated for their insightful and practical approach to nonverbal communication, making them essential for anyone looking to enhance their understanding in this field.

In addition to being a TEDx speaker and author of the popular book "NOT WITH MY DAUGHTER! A Dad’s Guide to Screening Dates and Boyfriends," Terry has also showcased his diverse talents on television, competing on the History Channel’s "TOP SHOT" Season 4 and hosting shows for the BBC and GUNTV. His multifaceted career reflects his dedication to teaching, personal safety, and the power of effective nonverbal communication.



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"The team at Leadership Canvas brought an unparalleled blend of expertise, from deep academic insights to real-world practical strategies.

They dove into our organizational challenges with a unique analytical approach, uncovering insights that we had overlooked. The solutions they provided were not only innovative but also immediately applicable and incredibly effective."